SB7 Spirit Box Review (and Guide)

SB7 Spirit Box Review and Guide

One of the more popular spirit boxes, the P-SB7T Spirit Box was one of the first devices made specifically for paranormal researchers and not a pile of Radio-Shack equipment or crudely adapted civilian equipment. The P-SB7 Spirit Box was popularised when it appeared on Ghost Adventures but certainly isn’t the only ghost box around. Does it … Read more

Is Ghost Adventures Real or Fake?

Is Ghost Adventures Real

Ghost-Hunting shows over the last couple of years have brought in a lot of new ghost hunters but some are maybe a little more reputable than others. Let’s look at one of the most popular – is Ghost Adventures real? Scripted? Worth watching? Ghost Adventures is real. There are minor points that might have been a … Read more

A Paranormal Guide: 6 Ghost Hunting Tips You Should Know

Ghost Hunting Tips

I asked some members of my paranormal investigation team for their ghost hunting tips and this is what they had to share. Specifically asked them to avoid talking about ghost hunting equipment or anything which requires a specific situation or experience level. These are things everyone can benefit from knowing. The world of ghost hunting is … Read more

Complete Ghost Hunting Equipment List (Beginner to Expert)

Ghost Hunting Equipment List

With a lot of combined experience from myself and my team, this is my complete ghost hunting equipment list. From the essentials and beginner ghost hunting kits to the professional paranormal investigators. This is the equipment we use and the models we prefer. Where variations exist I’ve tried to cover them too. Many of these … Read more

REM Pod Guide and Best Picks


The REM Pod is one of the less common pieces of kit for ghost hunters but it’s also one of the few pieces of equipment actually designed for paranormal investigation and not just civilian equipment adapted for our use. The Radiating Electro Magneticity Pod (or REM Pod) emits an electromagnetic field from a small antenna … Read more

The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game

Bloody Mary, Sara Sarita, Sandman. Ouija, candle games, mirror games. Somehow every generation knows and plays these strange “games.” One you may be less familiar with, because of its more deadly nature, is the Midnight Game (also called the 3 AM challenge). The Midnight Game is said to be a pagan ritual used to punish … Read more

Haunted Places in Virginia

Haunted Places in Virginia

Virginia, the place where America began in humble Jamestown. With that much history, including famine and war, there are bound to be haunted houses all over Virginia, right? Full of some of America’s most historical places, Virginia is one of the most haunted states in the United States. All four corners of Virginia are home … Read more

Ghost Orbs: Haunted Photography

Ghost Orbs

A cornerstone of paranormal investigation and paranormal photography, ghost orbs are a popular topic in the ghost hunting community. What makes these mysterious little balls of light so interesting? Ghost orbs are physical manifestations of spiritual energy in the form of an orb. These orbs show up on film most often, but can also be … Read more

Can Cats See Ghosts?

Can Cats See Spirits or Ghosts

Anyone who has cats can tell you they can be a little strange. They often stare at nothing for minutes to hours or run like they’re being chased by the devil. This erratic behavior is often shrugged off, but many propose it’s something more. Can cats see ghosts and demons? All signs point to yes: … Read more

Can Dogs See Spirits or Ghosts?

Can Dogs See Spirits or Ghosts

Have you seen a dog staring at a blank space? Watching something move across a room and you look at see nothing yourself? Can dogs see spirits or ghosts that humans can’t detect with the naked eye? In short, yes, we believe that dogs can see ghosts. It’s a phenomenon in countless stories. But we aren’t … Read more