Ovilus 3 Review from Paranormal Investigator (And Better Alternatives)

Ovilus 3

The Ovilus 3 is a device used within the ghost-hunting community to facilitate communication with the paranormal. It is designed to convert environmental readings into words, creating a bridge for interaction between the user and potential otherworldly entities. Utilizing sensors to measure electromagnetic frequencies, temperature changes, and other environmental factors, the Ovilus 3 suggests spirits … Read more

Spirit Box Apps: (Phone EVP) Real Paranormal Investigators Advice

Phone EVP Apps

I show my age when I say things like this but mobile phones weren’t really a thing when I got started in ghost hunting. I didn’t have spirit box apps, ghost hunting apps or anywhere near the kind of ghost hunting tools available these days. For the most part, I love the availability and custom-made tools … Read more

How to See Ghosts (for Paranormal Investigators)

How to See Ghosts

For amateur ghost hunters, the number one experience to have is to see a ghost themselves. Anyone can look up popular haunting footage online, but setting your eyes on a ghostly apparition in person is on an extraordinarily different level of excitement. Read on to learn some important tips on how to see ghosts. When … Read more

Mel Meter 8704R Review: Multi-Purpose Ghost Hunting?

Mel Meter 8704R Review

In this review today we will be discussing the Mel Meter, specifically the Mel Meter 8704r. Unlike other common tools of the trade, the Mel Meter is made specifically for paranormal research. Does this tailor-made tool exceed expectations when compared to its multi-use counterparts? With a strong 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon, the Mel … Read more

SB7 Spirit Box Review (and Guide)

SB7 Spirit Box Review and Guide

One of the more popular spirit boxes, the P-SB7T Spirit Box, was one of the first devices made specifically for paranormal researchers and not a pile of Radio-Shack equipment or crudely adapted civilian equipment. The P-SB7 Spirit Box was popularised when it appeared on Ghost Adventures, but it certainly isn’t the only ghost box around. … Read more

Complete Ghost Hunting Equipment List (Beginner to Expert)

Ghost Hunting Equipment List

With a lot of combined experience from myself and my team, this is my complete ghost-hunting equipment list from the essentials and beginner ghost-hunting kits to the professional paranormal investigators. This is the equipment we use and the models we prefer. Where variations exist, I’ve tried to cover them too. Many of these have been … Read more

REM Pod Guide and Best Picks


The REM Pod is one of the less common pieces of kit for ghost hunters but it’s also one of the few pieces of equipment actually designed for paranormal investigation and not just civilian equipment adapted for our use. The Radiating Electro Magneticity Pod (or REM Pod) emits an electromagnetic field from a small antenna … Read more

Homemade Ghost Hunting Equipment [Hunting on a Budget]

Homemade Ghost Hunting Equipment

The popularity of ghost hunting has exploded in recent years. Professionals like Zak Bagans and Teddy Bear make it look easy with their flashy professional equipment. Can it really be done with homemade ghost hunting equipment? Absolutely. Homemade ghost hunting equipment is the best way to create an accessible ghost hunting experience for even the … Read more

Best EMF Reader for Ghost Hunting (+ My Guide)

Best EMF Reader for Ghost Hunting

Easily one of the most popular ghost hunting tools around – an EMF meter (or Electromagnetic Field Detector) is one of the easiest ghost detectors and something most ghost hunter teams will have at least one of. I’m going to cover the best ones for ghost hunting, why they’re used and how you can use them … Read more

Thermometers for Ghost Hunting (Best Picks and Full Guide)

Thermometers for Ghost Hunting

One of the original tools of paranormal investigators (before we started getting specialized equipment) was a thermometer. We’ve spotted spot cold spots and heat spikes caused by ghosts and paranormal entities and I thought I’d do a quick rundown of how to use a thermometer for ghost hunting and my suggestions for your kit. Let’s … Read more