Ovilus 3 Review from Paranormal Investigator (And Better Alternatives)

The Ovilus 3 is a device used within the ghost-hunting community to facilitate communication with the paranormal.

It is designed to convert environmental readings into words, creating a bridge for interaction between the user and potential otherworldly entities. Utilizing sensors to measure electromagnetic frequencies, temperature changes, and other environmental factors, the Ovilus 3 suggests spirits may influence these variations to communicate.

The Ovilus 3 from Digital Dowsing has been mostly replaced by the SB7 Spirit Box.


This third iteration of the Ovilus device includes multiple ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) modes and features a “Sync” function intended to synchronize the device with cameras and audio recorders for a comprehensive paranormal investigation experience.

Unlike random word generators, the Ovilus 3 boasts a method that does not rely on randomness, instead using specific environmental stimuli to select words from its internal database.

Overview of the Ovilus 3

A spirit box is one of the more common pieces of ghost hunting equipment and while this certainly isn’t the only model out there, it was a popular one.

The Ovilus 3, developed by Digital Dowsing, is a notable device in the field of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC). Created by inventor Bill Chappel, it is designed to facilitate communication with what some believe to be spirits. The premise is that environmental readings, such as electromagnetic fields and temperature, are translated into words, which are then output by the device either through speech or text.

Your Ovilus 3 contains an array of sensors that detect environmental factors and a word database that the device uses to convert sensor readings into language. Unlike oracular devices of the past, it doesn’t use a random number generator to create speech patterns or text outputs. Instead, it relies on interpretations of environmental energy levels.

Features of the Ovilus 3 include multiple modes of operation, such as a dictionary mode, phonetic mode, and a yes/no mode for direct questioning.

  • Dictionary Mode: Transforms environmental energies into words.
  • Phonetic Mode: Offers a more raw form of communication by using phonetic sounds instead of words.
  • Yes/No Mode: Designed for simple yes or no answers, simplifying the complexity of communication attempts.

Practitioners and enthusiasts use the Ovilus 3 in various settings, from historical locations to more personal environments. While the effectiveness and interpretations of the Ovilus 3’s responses remain subjective, users often value the device as a tool for attempting to make contact with the unseen.

Operating Modes of the Ovilus 3

The Ovilus 3 offers a multifaceted approach to ITC with several distinct operating modes designed to facilitate communication in different ways. Each mode processes environmental readings and translates them into outputs that can be more readily analyzed.

Dictionary Mode

In Dictionary Mode, the Ovilus 3 taps into an internal list of pre-stored words. It selects words based on environmental readings, aiming to correlate changes in the surroundings with specific words from the library. While using this mode, you may observe that the words are tied to shifts in energy levels, though not randomly generated, which provides a structured method of interpretation.

Phonetic Mode

Phonetic Mode differs from Dictionary Mode by creating speech sounds instead of delivering predefined words.

This mode manipulates phonetic sounds driven by environmental factors. It allows for a unique sequence of sounds that can resemble words or phrases, possibly offering different insights when analyzing for spectral communication.

Spirit Box Functionality

The Ovilus 3’s version of a Spirit Box channels frequency changes to theoretically allow spirits to communicate. Unlike traditional spirit boxes that scan radio frequencies, this device creates variations directly within its system settings, intending to use these fluctuations as a medium for potential paranormal interaction.

Energy Level Interpretation

Finally, in assessing Energy Level Interpretation, the Ovilus 3 detects changes in the environment to convey information about the energy present, often used as a metric for paranormal activity. This mode interprets energy fluctuations and represents them either through the other modes or as distinct data points, which you can analyze for patterns or anomalies.

Usage in Paranormal Investigations

paranormal investigation

In paranormal investigations, the Ovilus 3 is specifically aimed at facilitating interactive communication between investigators and spirits. You’ll find that this device translates environmental readings into spoken words for real-time EVP sessions and ITC communication during ghost hunts.

Conducting EVP Sessions

The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) sessions are crucial in ghost hunting, enabling you to capture voices from the spirit world that are usually not heard by the naked ear. By using an Ovilus 3, you have the ability to record and later review these voices with the aid of an audio recorder. The device’s designed algorithm translates environmental factors into words and phrases, theoretically allowing spirits to communicate.

Facilitating ITC Communication

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) is about creating a bridge for real-time interaction with the spirit world. With the Ovilus 3, you can directly facilitate communication, as it purports to turn environmental readings into speech.

This could potentially allow spirits to convey messages more coherently during your investigations, moving beyond static EVP recordings to dynamic interactions.

Incorporating Video Evidence

In conjunction with audio evidence, adding video can strengthen the case for paranormal activity during your investigations.

You can use the Ovilus 3 alongside video recording equipment to correlate visual anomalies with audio readings, providing a more comprehensive approach to documenting potential paranormal phenomena. Remember, combining tools and methods can offer a richer context to the data you collect from ghost hunts.

Groups and Community Involvement

When using the Ovilus III in ghost hunting, your group’s dynamics and ways of sharing findings are fundamental for constructive community involvement.

Team Dynamics in Ghost Hunts

In ghost hunting, the cohesion of your group plays a vital role. The Ovilus III, as a tool, becomes an integral part of this dynamic, capturing phrases and sounds that are then interpreted by the team. It’s important to define roles, such as the operator of the device and those who document findings, thus ensuring that all interactions with spirits using the Ovilus III are meticulously recorded for analysis.

Sharing Findings with the Community

Once your group has conducted an investigation and gathered phrases or audio evidence with the Ovilus III, sharing this with the wider community is essential. This can be structured in various ways:

  • Presentations: Share recordings in community meetings.
  • Online Forums: Post your findings on relevant platforms.
  • Workshops: Organize sessions to demonstrate the use of the Ovilus III.

By presenting your evidence transparently, you contribute to the broader understanding of supernatural phenomena within the community.

Where to Buy the Ovilus 3

Personally, I would suggest going for the SB7 instead. You can find our full review (and guide) here.

Finding an Ovilus 3 for purchase can be difficult. As newer models have been released, the Ovilus 3 has largely been phased out. You might have success on specialized sites like GhostStop.com, though stock is typically scarce.

Another potential source is DigitalDowsing.com, the manufacturer’s website, which may list newer versions as alternatives to the Ovilus 3.

When considering buying an Ovilus 3, you should be aware that it’s a niche product with a status akin to a collector’s item. Prices can be significantly higher than the original retail cost due to its rarity. Alternatives such as the Ovilus 5 are more readily available and may be a suitable substitution if you can’t find the Ovilus 3. Always compare the features and prices of available models to find the best match for your needs.