Ovilus 3 Review from Paranormal Investigator (And Better Alternatives)

Ovilus 3

The Ovilus 3 is a device used within the ghost-hunting community to facilitate communication with the paranormal. It is designed to convert environmental readings into words, creating a bridge for interaction between the user and potential otherworldly entities. Utilizing sensors to measure electromagnetic frequencies, temperature changes, and other environmental factors, the Ovilus 3 suggests spirits … Read more

The Most Haunted Hotel in California: The Queen Mary

The Most Haunted Hotel in California

Are you looking for the most haunted hotel in California? Consider booking a room at the Queen Mary Hotel for a haunting experience. There are a lot of haunted hotels in California: the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, the Chateau Marmont, the Queen Anne Hotel in San … Read more

Most Haunted Prison in Missouri: Missouri State Penitentiary

Most Haunted Prison in Missouri

If you have a knack for the paranormal and you’re visiting the Show-Me State soon, you might be interested in the Missouri State Penitentiary. This haunted prison in Missouri has been a popular tourist attraction for a while. It even got trendy enough to receive a Traveler’s Choice award from Tripadvisor in 2022. Its dark … Read more

5 Haunted Prisons in Tennessee for Ghost Hunting

Haunted Prisons in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Southeastern United States. It’s a home of outdoor adventures and historical sites, such as civil war battlefields and museums. On top of that, it has a dark history that attracts ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from around the world. The haunted prisons in Tennessee … Read more

The 5 Most Haunted Paintings in the World

Most Haunted Paintings in the World

There are plenty of paintings where the eyes seem to follow you around but these are the 5 most haunted paintings in the world and things go far beyond that. While most of them are hanging in a gallery or locked away in private collections, their story continues. Number 5: The Hands Resist Him by Bill … Read more

The 5 Most Haunted Cars: Hell on Wheels

5 Most Haunted Cars

We tend to assume cars are controlled by the driver – but what if the opposite was true? These are the 5 most haunted cars and why you really wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of these haunted vehicles. Number 5: James Dean’s Spyder 550 James Dean was an actor and a racecar driver who … Read more

Wendigos: The Who, What and Where


If you are a true horror film fanatic, watched the tv series Supernatural or even read science fiction novels, you’ll have heard of Wendigos, but do you know or the more pressing question, where they originated from? I’ll give you a clue it is not from the creative minds of writers. Wendigos originate from the … Read more

Spirit Box Apps: (Phone EVP) Real Paranormal Investigators Advice

Phone EVP Apps

I show my age when I say things like this but mobile phones weren’t really a thing when I got started in ghost hunting. I didn’t have spirit box apps, ghost hunting apps or anywhere near the kind of ghost hunting tools available these days. For the most part, I love the availability and custom-made tools … Read more

Haunted Houses in Florence SC

Haunted Houses in Florence SC

Florence South Carolina, also known as the “Magic City”, has a storied history under its charming southern veneer. Being one of South Carolina’s biggest cities, it’s expected that there would be some hauntings to go along with the large population. During the Halloween season, locals fill Florence with pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but what … Read more

The Truth of The Conjuring House

Conjuring House

The truth about The Real Life Conjuring House, based on the true story of Rhode Island family, The Perrons, is that what went on in the 18th-century farmhouse is even more terrifying than the movie.  Where is the Conjuring House? Located in Harrisville, Rhode Island sits the epitome of a Colonial New England farmhouse. Built … Read more