Pawleys Island Ghost – The Gray Man

Pawleys Island Ghost - The Gray Man

In this article we will be taking a look at the paranormal reports surrounding the Pawleys Island ghost – The Gray Man.

Who is this strange specter that appears before massive storms hit the territory?

The Origin of The Gray Man

The most popular, and believable, origin of the Grey Man of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, is said to have taken place in the early 1800’s….

A young sea worker returns home to the island and arranges to meet up with his love on the other side of the island – he plans to ask for her hand in marriage.

He leaves his home with a companion, on horseback, and starts to make the journey to the other side of Pawleys Island.

The young man is eager to meet with his love, so he suggests taking a short cut across a local marsh, to his riding companion.

The companion agrees and they start their way across the tricky orange hued marsh…but something creeps out his horse.

He is thrown into the boggy marsh sand and slowly begins to sink – his companion tries his best to pull him back out…but he gets swallowed up by the deadly marshland waters.

Back at her home the young woman waits patiently but her love never arrives. She soon hears about the tragic end he has met.

Heart broken, in severe grief, she starts to walk the beach alone every night – contemplating what she has lost.

One evening while making her regular walk along the strand, she encounters a man in gray who is just standing still – looking out at the ocean.

The Origin of The Gray Man

He turns to face her and she nearly collapses – this was her lost lover…but how was he now alive?

She tried to ask him questions but he stopped her in her tracks and told her to leave – she had to gather her family and get off the island as soon as possible.

He then disappeared into thin air.

The young lady hastily returned home to tell her parents what she had just experienced – thankfully they believed their daughter’s paranormal account.

They immediately left for the mainland.

When they returned to the island they came home to complete devastation – a hurricane had destroyed every building on the island…except one…

Their family home.

The Gray Man Warnings 

Over the last two centuries, this strange solitary ghost has been spotted numerous times before devastating storms.

In 1893 a family spotted him off in the distance, waving furiously at them. They later insisted that he was not waving in greeting – but more in warning about something.

The family had heard about the Gray Man legend and decided to heed his warning – they left the island at once!

The following day the ‘Sea Islands Hurricane’ hit the land and thousands of people were killed. It seems as though the Gray man managed to save this particular family, for some unknown reason.

In 1954, a newly married couple were spending their honeymoon at a property on Pawleys Island.

Early one morning, the couple were awoken by a knocking at their door. They opened the door and were confronted by a man dressed in Gray.

The Gray Man Warnings 

He told the couple to pack up and cut their honeymoon short – a devastating storm was on it’s way and they were in severe danger.

The couple looked up at the skies and saw a bright clear day – surely this man was crazy?

They looked back to their Gray visitor to question him…but he had disappeared into thin air.

Something ate at this couple – the man had seemed otherworldly and strange…

They decided to listen to his warning, and left the islands immediately.

The following day the island was hit by Hurricane Hazel – a dreadful event that claimed many lives on the island.

The Gray Man of Pawleys Island

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts and opinions on the Pawleys Island ghost?

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Korean Urban Legends – Disturbing Reading

Korean Urban Legends - Disturbing Reading

This article will be covering a selection of rather disturbing Korean urban legends. From the paranormal to the occult – these reports will ensure that you struggle to get to sleep tonight…

The Dead Relative in Water

An anonymous Korean family had just lost their grandmother to old age. The father of the family then began to experience a rather disturbing dream every night.

He said that he dreamed his grandmother was beckoning him over while she was waist-deep in water. He wanted to go into her embrace…but for some reason it felt wrong…so he resisted.

The Dead Relative in Water

His wife did a bit of digging into this dream and found out that going into the arms of a dead person, in water no less, was a sure sign that your soul was going to be stolen by some version of a demon.

The father suddenly realized that he had kept one of her possessions after her death – something he was pretty sure she would not have wanted him to have. The family got rid of the object, and paid respects to her once more.

The dreams suddenly stopped…and never returned.

Virginal Ghosts

These Korean ghosts are known as Cho-nyo-Gwishin and they are frequently discovered in abandoned buildings, hospitals and schools.

They are always wearing a long white dress or garbs and their hair covers their facial features.

Virginal Ghosts

Apparently these virgin ghosts alert you to their presence by changing the temperature of the air around you and even changing the direction of the wind!

Paranormal Bathrooms

I don’t know what it is, but a lot of Korean paranormal reports center themselves around bathrooms or toilets!

One of the most famous of these reports comes from a female bathroom located in an old Korean high school. Apparently, in one of the stalls, towards the back, is where a girl killed herself and now haunts it.

Paranormal Bathrooms

There are numerous reports of the door locking itself shut and sticking in place, the toilet also flushes itself when nobody is in the stall.

Other reports suggest that the spirit of this girl frequently looks back out you from the mirror above the sink basins. There are also those who insist they have heard the sobs of a young girl, coming from inside the walls of the bathroom…

Don’t Use Red Pens

Korean folklore often points to red ink being the writing of the devil, or some sort of demon. As a matter of fact – most households ban the use of red pens among children.

Writing your name in red ink will result in extremely bad luck…and even death in some cases. Red ink is used to write the name of the deceased, not the living.

Am I pretty?

This paranormal ‘legend’ bears striking similarities to the Japanese urban legend, Kuchisake-onna, but it’s still as freaky as hell, all the same…

For some reason, plastic surgery is BIG business in a lot of Asian countries, along with the pursuit of total beauty. Most of the time, this involves trying one’s best to look more ‘western’ in your features!

So with that in mind…

A guy gets on a empty subway car and a tall woman follows him and sits opposite him. He notices that her dark hair covers most of her face…but he gets the feeling that she is quite attractive under that mound of hair.

Suddenly she looks up and reveals a red surgical mask around her mouth. She then asks “Am I pretty?”.

Taken back, the man stammers, “Yes.”

She then rips off the red surgical mask to reveal huge gashes from ear to ear and screams “Am I pretty now?”

Then man jumps up in terror and runs through the gap in the closing subway doors. The woman just stands there looking at him…with a scalpel in her hand.

Am I pretty?

The Cockroach

A teenage boy, who suffered from terribly disgusting acne, had just about had enough of his appearance. After A LOT of research online he came to an article that claimed to have the answer…

Simply catch a cockroach and place it on the pillow next to you as you sleep at night.

It sounded like a bit of a ‘far out’ story to him, but he was desperate, so he decided to try it anyway.

That night he managed to catch a cockroach, and placed it on the pillow next to him as he slept. The following morning he woke up to find his face completely clear of acne – he was cured!

Later at school that day, he began to get this itching sensation all over his face. He took a closer look at his skin and found that his pores had been filled with cockroach eggs….

If you have any disturbing Korean urban legends that you would like to share with us, please use the comment section below.

Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Have you been experiencing paranormal activity in your home? Do you believe that there is some sort of presence lurking in the dark corners of your property?

In this article we will be taking a look at the different types of ghosts and spirits that could be haunting your family…

No. 1 – Signs of Poltergeist Haunting

Signs of Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeists are troublesome spirits that move household objects – if you are seeing entities appear before you, then you are probably NOT being haunted by a poltergeist.

The word ‘poltergeist’ comes from the German language words poltern (“to make sound” and “to rumble”) and Geist (“ghost” and “spirit”). The combined term, poltergeist, translates as ‘noisy ghost’.

Certain sections of the paranormal investigation world do not really believe in poltergeists. They prefer to believe that the ‘poltergeist activity’ reported/witnessed is nothing more than rogue psychokinesis from a source elsewhere in the haunted location.

No. 2 – The Bhoot Ghost

The Bhoot Ghost

This is a spirit that is thought to be too restless to move onto heaven (or the other side of whatever your religion dictates!). It is thought that something as simple as a poor funeral arrangement could cause a Bhoot.

They either take a human or animal form and are said to have an obsession with milk. A word of warning – Bhoot-contaminated milk is the usual path to Bhoost-possessed humans!

The Bhoot spirit does not like the ground, so it is always seen floating a couple of inches above it. Some Bhoots even have feet that point backwards so they are unable to walk on the ground. In most cases, they cast no shadow.

No. 3 – The Churel

The Churel

The Churel are sadly known to be the restless spirits of women who have died in childbirth. They are often found in homes and hospitals.

Paranormal reports indicate that the Churel are actually quite horrific and frightening to look at, but they have the power to disguise themselves as beautiful young women.

Legends suggest that they appear as beautiful women so they can seduce young men. They then drain the men of their life energy (blood and semen) so that they can appear beautiful for longer.

There are links between the Churel and impurity – they apparently favor the homes that are a bit of a mess (i.e. keep your house tidy!!!!).

No. 4 – Tokoloshe Myths

Tokoloshe Myths

Tikoloshe are water-based spirits that can reside in the tap water of homes. They are known to be spirits that mostly appear due to someone summoning them (to cause harm to others etc.).

They are frequently linked to various witch doctors from various religions/locations. More often than not they are thought to be summoned by these witch doctors in an act of vengence.

You can defend against this spirit by placing a brick under each leg of the target’s bed.

No. 5 – Di Fu Ling Spirits

Di Fu Ling Spirits

These spirits are souls that are bound to a certain place like a location it had strong ties to in life. Unfortunately, they are not always friendly…

The Di Fu Ling is also known to bind itself to places that belong to other people – locations where it is not at all welcome.

Di Fu Ling class entities can be fought off by placing red candles outside (or on the window sills) of your house or by Feng Shui.

No. 6 – Bogles


These unfriendly entities seem to target kids who are known to be a little bit disobedient – the term ‘bogeyman’ is actually derived from the word Bogles.

They target the households of these ill behaved children and slowly drive the occupants insane.

Experts on the paranormal believe that the Bogles are actually a form a fairy, therefore they cannot be removed from a home. As the child it targets grows older, and behaves more, the spirit begins to feel appeased and becomes quieter.

No. 7 – Lemures/Shades


Lemures, or Shades, are extremely vengeful and dangerous spirits – they will target a household they have no previous association with and terrorize the occupants.

They stretch back as far as ancient Roman times, when the head of the household would throw black beans out of the doorway, without looking, at midnight to distract the evil Lemures.

These beans are apparently the only item that Shades mistake for human life force.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the ghosts/spirits we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Ghosts of Disneyland

The Ghosts of Disneyland

When I was twelve my father had to retire from his job as a dentist, due to football injury to his wrist he had been living with for a number of years.

He got a pretty decent medical insurance payout – so he decided to treat the family with a trip to America…and Disneyland.

I loved every minute of it – what a magical place…but I remember an elderly worker there holding a conversation with myself and my mother…regarding the ghost of Walt Disney himself!

That was it for me – the very next day my dad took me searching for a book on the ghosts of Disneyland – seems like I was a geek, even back then!

The Ghost of Walt Disney

The great man himself – apparently he never left the location!

When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street.

He used to stay there from time to time with his family and close friends – he also used it as an office to get away from it all.

After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty but the workers at Disneyland treated it exactly the same – they made sure it was cleaned frequently and kept it secure.

The Ghost of Walt Disney

On one occasion, a female cleaner was working at the park late at night, and Walt’s apartment was on the cleaning list.

She carried out her cleaning duties there, turned the light off, and left the apartment.

When she got back out on the Main Street she noticed the light had been turned back on.

She returned to the apartment and turned the light off once again…and made sure the location was locked. She also unplugged the lamp to make sure there were no fuse problems.

When she got back out on Main Street she turned to see the lamp flicker on, then the curtains slam shut…as if someone had been staring down at her…but did not want to be seen…

Ever since this paranormal incident, workers at the park have opted to leave the light on every night – they want visitors to know that Walt Disney’s spirit is alive and kicking in the area…

The Ghost Space Mountain

The friendly ghost that haunts Space Mountain is named ‘Mr. One-Way’.

This strange entity spends his time queuing for the ride and talking to visitors to the park. Apparently it always becomes apparent that this man is not from our time…

Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair – other reports have him at the much younger age of a teenage boy.

He is known to get on the ride with a human passenger…but disappear at some point during the ride’s journey.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The popular ride was once said to have been made up of real skeletons – apparently in 1967 real skeletons were a lot cheaper than the movie prop versions!

Pirates of the Caribbean ghost

Anyway, one set of ‘real’ skull and crossbones is thought to still remain on the ride – the one over the dead captain’s bed!

These bones are thought to be behind the paranormal reports that have been made by visitors to the ride, over the decades since the 60’s.

The Lady in White

The reported ghost of a Victorian lady that wanders the Main Street from time to time.

There have been numerous reports from children regarding this strange lady in white. All of the children have lost their parents on Main Street and the Victorian lady appears to lead them to the baby care center.

Research points to the fact that this woman could be a lady that died at the site before the park was built (in the early 1900’s).

Employees believe that the old fashioned feel of Main Street somehow attracts her spirit.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

An annual tradition in Los Angeles – Graduation night at Disneyland.

Numerous grad parties are let loose on Disneyland and allowed to use it’s functions until 6am the following morning.

In 1966 one of these ‘Disney Grad Parties’ ended in tragedy when a boy named Thomas Cleveland got sucked up into the workings of a Monorail.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

Ever since the tragic accident – a ghost has been spotted late at night, running towards approaching monorails.

It apparently disappears when it reaches the spot where Cleveland died.

The Ghosts of Disneyland

These are the most common reports of paranormal activity at Disneyland – we are led to believe there are many more ‘lesser entities’ residing there.

Do you have any experiences with the paranormal at Disneyland?

If so we would love to hear from you!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

Recent Real Images of Ghosts (Dec 2017)

Recent Real Images of Ghosts (Dec 2017)

The coolest part of running a website in this genre, is the amount of private messages I get sent to me (not in a perverted way!).

No, most of these contact messages contain, or are directing me, to recent publications regarding proof of the paranormal

Real images of ghosts, videos, cryptozoology proof, UFO images – you name it – I get it!

Unfortunately, the workload of this site, and it’s brother site Real Unexplained Mysteries, makes it hard for me to cover a lot of this sent material…and it get’s lost in the mass of mail I receive on a daily basis!

So, today I decided to place a few of the more recent captured paranormal images up here, before they disappeared into the black hole of my email account…

Hope you enjoy them!

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Image

I thought I’d start with this one because it has a particular eerie feeling about it. It was published to the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page by an Aussie named Kim Davison (apparently from Queensland).

Research led them to believe that this was the image of a young girl that had drowned in the very same river over a century before the photo was taken.

What do you think…

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Image

Ghostly Figure By The Houses Of Parliament

This recent image was taken in front of the Houses of Parliament one evening and has been examined by numerous photographic experts…all of them have been left baffled by it’s results!

These same experts claimed that most so called ‘paranormal’ images can be explained away through photographic science…but this one could not.

A strange picture as the figure seems to be wearing some form of headphones – recently deceased perhaps?

What do you think…

Ghostly Figure By The Houses Of Parliament

The Norwegian Wedding Party

This is a strange one – very strange indeed!

It was a Norwegian wedding party that was held at an old farm, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author).

It was apparently snapped on an iPhone camera and then posted to Reddit. If you look to the left you will see some of the professional photographer’s equipment – he didn’t manage to catch this image in his pictures.

The pro photographer claimed he had never come across a digital camera ‘glitch’ like this before and really couldn’t explain it.

Nobody at the party that day turned up wearing black…

The Norwegian Wedding Party

Three Legs & Three Arms

I actually came across this image myself when I was scanning the Irish Mirror for any new paranormal reports.

An extremely creepy effect that would probably take weeks to pull off in a Photoshop project…if it could be pulled off at all?

Laura Clarke, from Belfast, shared the image of her holding three-year-old Theo and smiling to the camera during a family ‘day of the dead’ party to honor their loved ones who had passed.

This image was backed up by a series of creepy incidents that had been happening to the family – Laura believes that it could be her deceased father, Terry, trying to show his presence.

What do you think…

Three Legs & Three Arms

Do YOU Have Any Real Images of Ghosts?

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Would you like us to publish it, or maybe write an article about it on this site?

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What Are Ghosts Made of?

What Are Ghosts Made of?

What are we looking at when we see a ghost? We often ask this question in regard to the spiritual nature of the manifestation before us.

What heavenly apparition or lost soul is making itself known to us?

The other side of this question is much more scientific, much more physical.

What material and physical matter are we looking at that is causing these shapes and movement?

Put more simply, what are ghosts made of?

There are many theories on the physical matter of ghosts, but there is some weight behind the idea of plasma…

There has been plenty of debate on the topic of ghosts and the scientific reasons for their activity. Then there are the tales of popular culture that get thrown into the mix.

There is a big difference between the green, slimy masses that can be physically handled by Ghostbusters and cartoon characters and the physical entities that we come across in real life.

The problem is that nobody is quite sure what they really are made of.

One of the words that commonly comes up is plasma. This is an important term because it is probably largely responsible for the lore of movies, yet is still the most probable suggestion.

It all comes down to what our interpretation of plasma is. When we think of plasma we think of blood plasma and ectoplasm; plasma is where ectoplasm came from.


In the movies, this meant a thick substance produced by ghosts in order to interact with the real world. This was a neat trick for visual storytelling, but this is not the reality of ghost encounters.

The other definition of plasma is a fourth state of matter that is neither a solid, liquid or gas. It is essentially an ionized gas, unlike the gases we are familiar with, with highly energized electrons that have separated from their nuclei.

We see this phenomenon when looking at neon lights and it is believed that this form of matter is what creates the energized glowing entities that we see as ghosts.

Our ongoing lack of understanding could simply be down to the fact that this particular form of plasma is separate from that of neon gas.

There could be physical and chemical interactions taking place within these spectral projections that are yet to be fully understood.

Energy and electricity are the key here, which is what makes this subject so complex…

Plasma, of one kind or another, seems like the most logical solution here because of that idea of a highly energized being.

We know for certain that energy is a major factor in the appearance and characteristics of ghosts.

The glowing, energy-emitting entities that we see are proof that energy is at work in some form. The best way of detecting the presence of ghosts is through an EMF meter.

Their readings and electrical charges are so strong that they are easily detected and can disrupt electrical equipment. This works with this idea of plasma because of that highly-energized, ionized gas.


Plasma has the ability to conduct electricity, generate electromagnetic fields and emit light.

Ghosts and other related manifestations are known to do the same. There is a glow to them.

It was once theorized that ghosts were simply light sources of photon element, but this did not explain the ability to pass through solid objects.

In order to do this, these ghosts had to be made of something smaller than an atom. There was also the theory of the “ghost particle” that is the neutrino – something small enough to meet this criteria.

The problem here was that neutrinos don’t carry an electrical charge.

So What Are Ghosts Made of?

The one thing that researchers can be sure about is that ghosts are made up of some form of strong energy source.

It now seems that theories about photon light were a long way off the mark.

At the time, they were the most logical explanation for light generation in an unknown entity, but it seems that we were not looking far enough.

The poorly-understood world of plasma surely holds the key to finally answering the question of what ghosts are really made of.

Further research into the properties of plasma and the potential for different forms could help us to sole this puzzle.

Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories

Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories

The Bhangarh Fort is one of the main attractions in India’s state of Rajasthan, approximately 186 miles from Delhi and just on the edge of the Sariska Tiger reserve.

It is famously referred to as the den of ghosts (bhoot bangla); one of the most haunted places in India if any of the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories are anything to go by!

The countryside village of Bhangarh is best known for its sprawling ruins…and the paranormal activities that go on in these dilapidated primordial buildings after dusk.

Here are 6 scary but fun facts that I can bet you didn’t know about the Bhangarh Fort…

1) The Princess and the Crushed Suitor

The story goes that there was once a very beautiful princess in Bhangarh called Ratnavati. She was so stunning that everyone was already after her hand in marriage the moment she hit the age of 18.

Now, among the suitors was one unscrupulous character called Singhia.

He was a wizard, and he thought to use magic so as enslave the beautiful princess in eternal feelings of love for him.

His plan was to put some charm in oil and cast a love spell on it, find a way to get it to the princess, and wait for the princess to come knocking at his door immediately after applying the oil on her body.

He failed miserably.

The princess found out about his evil scheme before touching the oil and she poured it all on the ground.

Bhangarh Fort

Believe it or not, the story says that the oil turned to a large rock which rolled back to Singhia’s place and crushed him to death…well, near death because he allegedly cursed the village with his last breathe, just before walking into the light.

The village of Bhangarh was forever doomed to extinction without reincarnation!

The princess was brutally murdered during an attack from the neighboring Ajabgarh. The locals attributed her death to the curse.

The legend continues to say that the princess will once again be reborn and return to save Bhangarh from the terrible dying wishes of a crushed evil suitor.

2) The Keep Away Sign

The Bhangarh Fort is protected by Archaeological Survey of India through the archaeological act that defines the punishment due to an offender.

The myths surrounding this fort and the general area have attracted many scientists, thrill seekers, and paranormal investigation groups.

One problem in particular is people disappearing whenever they spend the night in the fort.

It wasn’t until dead bodies started showing that the Archaeological Survey decided to put up a notice warning people to stay away between the hours of dusk and dawn.

Trespassers are not allowed to step anywhere near the fort area during the forbidden hours. The sign was actually placed there to protect the people from unexplained deaths.

3) Roofless Houses: The Guru Balu Nath Curse

Another unexplained phenomena is the fact that no house around the fort’s and the surrounding area seems to be able to hold its roof…at all!

The story behind this strange happening talks of the curse of an angry guru who lived in Bhangarh before King Madho decided it was a good spot to pitch his fortress.

Of course tradition dictated that he had to get permission from the guru which he did, but under a simple condition, not to overshadow guru Balu Nath samadhi or…face the consequences; which meant the whole village turning into ruins.

The king got greedy and built a very high fort despite the agreement with the old wise guy…thus the curse of the roofless houses began.

It is said that roofs just started collapsing for no apparent reason and they continue to cave in spontaneously even today.

4) Lock Up at Dusk

Now, back to the fort’s curfew at dusk. The doors to the fort are closed in the evening and only opened in the morning.


Stories dating back to the time of trade travelers and nomads talk of disappearances that could not be explained every time they stopped in the ancient city to rest.

It was later announced not safe to sleep there.

5) Is there Any Evidence…?

Whether its the countless temples built on this area (including the Hanuman Temple…) or the dark past associated with its inhabitants, one thing is for sure, Bhangarh is quite a creepy place.

One story is told of how a ghost hunting team decided to uncover the paranormal activity in the fort and went on to set up camp inside.

They made it out of the fort alright…only to end up dead in a fatal car crash only a few minutes away from the damned fort.

Is there Any Evidence...?

Although scientists and other academics continue to rubbish the Bhangarh haunting, locals still believe in the myths and stories associated with the fort’s past.

A lot of villagers have come out over the years reporting cases of jingling bangles, yelling women and sadistic music heard from the Bhangarh Fort.

6) The Putrid Smell of Despair and Fear

The whole fort stinks of anxiety and unsettled spirits. You can just feel the deathly emptiness once you walk into the fort and this is soon overtaken by a sudden feeling of pain and agony.

If only the walls could tell their tale, this area sitting in the middle of the Aravali Hills has also become home to various forest dwellers.

Apparently the ghosts don’t seem disturbed by the presence of animals. Maybe its the animal poop that we smell, no one will ever know!

One thing however is that the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories remain a mystery to us until that time we can sit down with spirits and have them tell us their side of the story.

The Ghosts of Aberystwyth

The Ghosts of Aberystwyth

In this article we will be taking a look at the ghosts of Aberystwyth, a historic market town, administrative center and holiday resort within Ceredigion, West Wales.

Constitution Hill

Around this area there have been many sightings of a woman dressed in a Victorian-styled outfit, wandering aimlessly.

Whenever witnesses attempt to approach this strange and sad looking female she seems to disappear almost instantly.

As well as Constitution Hill, she has also been spotted in the direction of Clarach and Clarach Bay.

In these areas she is seen floating across the ground aimlessly towards the direction of the local woods.

Constitution Hill

The Boar’s Head

The Boar’s Head on Queen’s Road used to be a pub but has now been converted into accommodation for local university students.

When the pub was finally closed down it was left empty for many decades – nobody wanted to take a chance on the paranormal activity that took place there.

Many believe that the main spirit that resides at this building is that of a past landlord who committed suicide.

Apparently he managed to hang himself in the attic from one of the beams that lay overhead.

Many visitors to the inn claimed that they had heard his keys jangling away as an invisible force followed them.

It is supposed that if you follow the noises you will come across the ghost of the grieving landlord getting ready to hang himself.

Aberystwyth Railway Station

The Mermaid

This report stretches back as far as 1826 when a group of 12 friends decided to climb Constitution Hill to take in the wonderful local views.

When they reached a decent height they looked down onto the shoreline to see a beautiful naked woman washing herself in the sea.

Awe quickly turned into fear as they realized this woman had a tail fin where her legs should of been.

They quickly ran down the hill to the shoreline but the strange creature had disappeared.

beautiful naked woman washing herself in the sea

The Student Halls

The student areas of Pumlumon and Caerleon are home to a female ghost that floats between the rooms at night.

One student claims to have witnessed the woman floating above her bed, however she disappeared before the student was able to react.

Back in the early 1970’s a male student woke to find the strange woman standing at the foot of his bed.

He was so petrified he could not scream or move.

The female spectre simply raised her hand and pointed a crooked finger at him before disappearing into the bedroom’s gloom.

The student in question sticks to his version of events even to this day.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the ghosts of Aberystwyth please leave them in the comment section below.

The Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts

The Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts

Perched high on a hill overlooking the small town of Junee is the imposing Monte Cristo Homestead. Built in the classic Colonial style of the era, it combines functionality with beauty.

Now over a hundred and thirty years old this historic building is both famous and notorious. Sadly though it is not its architecture which has provoked worldwide interest in the building.

Inhabited by the Monte Cristo Homestead ghosts, it is said to be the most haunted house in Australia.

A Brief History of Monte Cristo

Construction of the Monte Cristo Homestead began in 1884 by Christopher William Crawley. Once a poor farmer, chance, good fortune and business acumen elevated him to great wealth.

In a few short years clever investments meant that he owned a great deal of the growing town of Junee. Before long he was a pillar of the local community and wanted a home to reflect his rise in status.

The beautiful Monte Cristo Homestead must have fulfilled his expectations and more. Renowned for its social gatherings and parties it appeared to be a happy home.

Occupied by the Crawley family until 1948, the property was left empty for the next fifteen years. The contents of the house were sold off and a succession of caretakers failed to care properly for the building.

Eventually, the building was left vandalised and derelict. In 1963 it was bought by Reginald and Olive Ryan. The couple restored the house to its former glory and occupied it as their home before opening their haunted house to the public.

Looks Can be Deceptive

To the outside world, Christopher William Crawley and his wife appeared to be pillars of society. Both were devout Catholics who donated money to the local church and to the community of Junee.

Behind closed doors, there is a suggestion that Crawley and his wife were not the ideal citizens they pretended to be. Mr. Crawley is suspected of impregnating two of his maids, one of whom went on to commit suicide, while the other’s illegitimate child was treated like an animal.

A hundred years later it is difficult to confirm whether or not these rumors are true. Crawley himself died in 1910 leaving his widow behind.

Mrs. Crawley went on to live in the house for another 23 years, rarely leaving her home to venture in to the outside world. Described by some of her staff after her death as harsh and cruel, she is said to have run the household with a rod of iron.

The Ghosts of Monte Cristo

The Monte Cristo Homestead is said to be haunted by up to ten troubled souls and poltergeists. Some remain unidentified but others have a very strong link with the house and can be traced back through its troubled history.

The beautiful Monte Cristo Homestead

Mrs. Crawley: One of the most powerful presences at Monte Cristo is said to be the ghost of Mrs. Crawley. Virtually a recluse after the death of her husband, she confined herself to the limits of her home.

Despite being a committed Christian and converting a room in her house to a chapel, Mrs. Crawley is rumored to have had a cruel and unkind nature.

Dressed in black and carrying a silver cross her presence is often seen and felt. Upset Mrs. Crawley and you will incur her wrath.

Visitors to the Monte Cristo Homestead have felt themselves pushed unceremoniously out of the rooms which she haunts. Others have heard her unhappy spirit weeping.

Mr. Crawley: The spirit of Mr. Crawley is also felt about the building. Not as powerful a presence as his formidable wife, he has been seen in the room where he died.

Ethel Crawley: Ethel Crawley died in 1917. Literally a babe in arms, she died when her nursemaid dropped her on the stairs. Whether it was an accident or intentional we will never know.

At the time the nursemaid swore that there was a supernatural involvement, claiming that she had felt a shove to her back from an invisible force.

To this day visitors to the house feel a strange atmosphere around the stairs. Some feel an invisible force restraining or pushing them, young children become agitated and upset, while others feel the tiny icy hand of a child slip silently into theirs.

Morris, The Stable Boy: Morris was a young stable boy who worked for the Crawley family. One day he is said to have taken to his bed, feeling ill and unable to get up. There are two different versions of what happened next.

The first version describes poor Morris trapped in his bed unable to move when a fire broke out in the stable. In the second more sinister version of the story, Morris’s boss set fire to the straw mattress on which the poor boy was sleeping.

Presumably he was calling the boys bluff and expected him to leap from the burning bed. Sadly, the stable lad died. His screams are said to resonate around the stables.

Harold Steel: Harold Steel was the son of one of the maids in the Crawley household. He was also rumored to be the illegitimate child of Christopher Crawley.

As a youngster Harold was involved in a carriage accident and sustained serious head injuries. After his accident he developed an aggressive and violent personality.

In order to control him, his mother chained him up in the dairy behind the main house. Harold is said to have spent up to thirty years in this state. During this time he would howl and scream, becoming the object of children’s curiosity and cruel taunts.

When his mother died, life became worse for the unfortunate Harold. Eventually, local people intervened and he was confined to a mental institution where he died soon after. Harold’s howls and screams can still be heard in the dairy.

The Pregnant Maid: Another sad soul that haunts the Monte Cristo Homestead is the ghost of the pregnant maid. Whether she was pregnant by Christopher Crawley or not, we can only speculate.

What is known is that she committed suicide by throwing herself from the top veranda of the building. Her blood still stains the steps that lead up to the house and her ghostly image is said to hover around the exterior of the building.

Jack Simpson: Few who see the beautifully restored Monte Cristo Homestead today could imagine the decay it fell into during the last century. Crumbling and derelict it became the classic haunted house on the hill.

Despite this, the murder of Jack Simpson in 1961 must have shaken the small local community to the core. Jack Simpson was one of the many caretakers who occupied the property after the last of the family vacated the Monte Cristo in 1948.

One evening in 1961 he opened the door to an unexpected and lethal visitor. Shot at point blank range, Jack died immediately.

His murderer was a crazed local youth who had watched Psycho three times before carrying out the killing. Before fleeing the scene the young man wrote ‘Die Jack – ha ha’ on a shed door. The words can clearly be read today and the spirit of poor Jack is said to linger in the area.

Strange Lights and Animal Mutilation

Since its purchase and subsequent restoration in 1963, the Monte Cristo Homestead has become a family home, museum and ghostly tourist attraction. Thousands visit each year and there are hundreds of paranormal incidents recorded.

One of the strangest incidents experienced by the family who occupy the property involves strange lights. At least twice they have left their home in darkness to go out for the evening.

As they have approached the empty house on their return, they have witnessed it completely lit up. By the time they have reached their destination, the house is in darkness again.

More disturbing is the reaction and fate of some animals on the property. When the Ryan family moved into the property in 1963, they claim their cat and dog would not enter the building but ran away.

Subsequently, they went on to discover their chickens strangled in their secured pens, a parrot choked to death in its locked cage and kittens found dead and mutilated in the breakfast room.

Other phenomena recorded by those who visit the home include; nausea, fainting, overwhelming sadness, icy touches, whispered messages, unexplained mists and full body apparitions.

Strange Lights and Animal Mutilation


The Monte Cristo Homestead is open to the public and for those who are interested in the paranormal it must surely be on the list of must see places. Claiming to be Australia’s most haunted house it is certainly rich in unexplained phenomena.

Lovingly restored to its former Victorian glory by its current owners, it offers Ghost Tours for the curious. Overnight stays in haunted rooms are available for those who are really keen to catch a glimpse of the Monte Cristo Homestead ghosts.

A word of warning though, Mrs. Crawley is very particular about who enters her home and is often said to take an instant dislike to those who show her or her home disrespect.

If you don’t want to feel her icy glare, a whispered threat or a short sharp shove in your back, be sure to mind your manners and be on your very, very best behavior.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost Reports

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost Reports

For those who want to experience the paranormal first hand, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium ghost building must be worth a visit.

Rising up like a great Gothic cathedral against the Kentucky skyline, this derelict hospital embodies all that is ominous and sinister in a building.

Complete with towers, turrets and archways, grotesque gargoyles peer down from its crumbling façade. The appearance of the building is so chillingly disturbing, one may expect to see the legend Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here inscribed above the entrance.

Left to decay for many years, hundreds of glassless windows now stare silently out at approaching visitors. Rumored to be one of the most haunted buildings in America, the sanatorium is both forbidding and strangely enticing. It is easy to see why it has attracted vandalism, destruction and ghost hunters over the years.

Now owned by someone keen to promote its haunted history, the building is being slowly restored and continues to attract paranormal investigators from all over the world.

A Brief History

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky, was built with the best of intentions. During the early twentieth century Louisville, like many other towns and cities, was overwhelmed by the white plague of tuberculosis.

Desperate to provide a hospital which would both treat and isolate those suffering from TB, a wooden structure was erected on the site in the early twentieth century.

Due the number of TB Sufferers the building was forced to expand and eventually it was replaced in 1926 by the current brick and concrete structure.

Photographs of the time show happy smiling patients and staff enjoying a regime of nutritious food and fresh air. The terrible truth was that many of the patients admitted to the hospital unfortunately died, including young children.

It is difficult to calculate how many patients died in this building from TB but figures range from a conservative 8,000 to 63,000.

Eventually, the advent of antibiotics meant that there was no longer a need for a TB hospital in the area. In 1962 the building became the Woodhaven Geriatric Center. This facility closed in the early eighties after reports of abuse, cruelty and neglect.

For twenty years, the building lay empty. Keen to demolish the building, but prevented by the authorities, the owner encouraged vandalism and destruction.

It is hard to know what happened in the building during these years, but it is certainly the time when rumors of hauntings, devil worship and strange occurrences began to circulate.

Eventually, the building was sold to someone with an interest in the paranormal in 2001. It has since become one of the most popular sites in America for psychic and paranormal investigators.

Who Haunts Waverly Hills?

Mary Hillenburg: Rumored to be pregnant by one of the doctors at the Sanatorium, a young nurse Mary Hillenburg is said to have committed suicide on the fifth floor.

Mary supposedly hung herself with an electric light flex when her lover refused to have nothing to do with the baby.

Another theory is that the doctor was performing an illegal abortion on the mother of his unborn child, which went wrong. He then disguised the botched operation by staging a suicide.

Pregnant women have reported feeling nauseous and unwell when approaching the area where Mary died. Many others have captured ghostly images of a nurse on their cameras.

Another nurse is reported to have jumped from the fourth floor and died when she fell on the patio area below. Visitors have reported a sharp shove in the back when investigating this area. Did she jump or was she pushed?

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Antique Stretcher

Timmy: One of the saddest aspects to the sanatorium’s history is the number of children who died. Timmy is a mischievous little boy who still haunts the building.

Timmy likes to play hide and seek and loves balls. There are reports of Timmy moving a ball on request, certainly there is documented video evidence available for examination.

There are also other reports of people hearing children playing ring games on the roof. This does correspond to the history of the building when children were taken up to a safe area on the roof for fresh air.

Mary Lee: It is not known who exactly Mary Lee was. What is known is that a photo of a young woman found at the sanatorium and signed Love Mary Lee, bears a striking resemblance to a ghostly apparition photographed peeping around the door of a room on the 4th floor.

The Baker: The ghostly apparition of a white coated man has been witnessed in the kitchen area of the building. Sightings of him are often accompanied by the smell of freshly baked bread.

Corridors in the Sanatorium

The Chained Lady: Visitors to the sanatorium including psychics have reported the upsetting site of an elderly lady, shackled handcuffed and bleeding.

The poor distressed creature is said to scream out for help. Who was she and why was she shackled? Was she perhaps a victim of the cruelty that took place in the geriatric center?

The Fourth Floor: The most active area of the building, it once housed the morgue and the operating rooms. Unfortunately, it is the also the area where many cruel experiments and operations were performed on TB patients.

These operations were almost always unsuccessful and the patients died. The procedures performed included deflating and re-inflating the lungs with a balloon type device and breaking ribs to aid breathing.

A white coated doctor is often seen in this area, doors slam and shadow people have been witnessed darting about the area.

Bone-Chilling Pictures Of The Waverly Hills

The Body Chute: A tunnel originally built to aid the delivery of supplies to the sanatorium has become one of the most disturbing elements of the history of the building.

Concerned for the mental health of surviving patients, the dead were removed covertly from the wards. Their bodies were then transported down the tunnel, earning it the name the body chute or the death tunnel.

The tunnel is a hotspot for EVPs. Other phenomenon recorded include, shadows, voices and unexplained footsteps.

The Creeper: The most frightening haunting of the Waverly Sanatorium, must surely be that of The Creeper. Witnesses report seeing shadow people darting about the building.

This dark entity though, is not of human form. Said to move on all fours, this ghostly creature can run up walls and across ceilings. Video evidence appears to show an animal type creature moving rapidly along the corridors.

People who see The Creeper are filled with a sense of foreboding and dread. There are lots of different theories as to the origins of this creature.

Is it attracted to Waverly because of the misery and sadness that has occurred there over the years or was it summoned by intruders dabbling in black magic during the building’s derelict years?

Ghostly Evidence

There is a vast amount of evidence to peruse on the internet about this building and its terrifying occupants. Now open to visitors and paranormal investigators, people have posted hundreds of ghostly images, videos and EVPs as evidence of the haunting of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

 tuberculosis outbreak at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society has perhaps undertaken the most sustained investigations into the building. During their investigations they recorded strange lights, shadowy figures, objects moving on their own, doors slamming and unexplained noises.

A continued source of interest to paranormal investigators, the sanatorium is the subject of numerous TV programs and films.


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium claims to be one of the most haunted spots in America. There is certainly a mass of photographic, video and EVP evidence as well as eye witness testimony, to support this claim.

Whether a firm believer or a confirmed skeptic the Waverly Hills Sanatorium ghosts must surely merit investigation. For the really brave it is possible to join one of the night time paranormal tours.

What self-respecting paranormal investigator could pass up the chance to explore this eerie phantom ridden building?

As you enter the shadowy portals of this haunted hospital though, a little advice; be fearless, be open- minded and whatever you do don’t stray from the group!