How to Find Spirits Around You (Beginners Guide)

I’ve seen a lot of reasons for learning how to find spirits around you.

It might be that you’re already seeing signs a ghost is in your room or perhaps you’re a budding ghost hunter seeking out paranormal activity.

First: A Warning

If you are curious about the world of the supernatural and want to know how to find spirits around you, you should take some steps before you even begin. But first and foremost, it’s essential to understand fully that playing around with the supernatural can be dangerous.

You are taunting a world unknown to us, and it can be scary for even the most experienced paranormal investigators. You need to take steps before getting started, which I have covered at the beginning of this article.

Do Research

A good start would be understanding the common types of ghosts out there.

It’s always a good idea to research the location of where you want to investigate. Even if it happens to be your own home, try to find out if there is any history about the place before venturing in.

If there is a history of ghost sightings in the early evenings, then plan your ghost hunt for that same time. If your ghost hunt takes you to a public place, like a school or cemetery, you want to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules, and you are allowed to be there.

Knowing the area and its history is probably more important than the equipment you use. Ghost hunting is often a patience game for a meaningful encounter either way but you can vastly increase your success by being in the right place to begin with.

Be Prepared

How to Find GhostsMake sure you have everything you will need. If you’re just getting started you don’t need specific ghost hunting equipment.

Bring a recorder or something to write down your observations. Bring a camera and a flashlight with extra batteries.

Make sure you have your cell phone. There are plenty of free tools like GhostTube which give you unparallel access to things paranormal investigators would have killed for even a few years ago.

And dress accordingly; bring a jacket if it’s cold and wear good shoes. You may benefit from bringing a digital thermometer if you can afford it.

Don’t Go Alone

It’s just not safe. Hunts are always safer in a group, and they are more fun that way too. Being with a group is good not only for a physical problem but a ghostly one. Spirits are much less apt to be vengeful if you are with a group.

Now that we have covered the basics of being prepared, we can get into the good stuff. How to find spirits around you!

We will go over plenty of ways, but remember, it’s always good to go in with a clear and open mind. A little bit of skepticism is okay, but understand that you may question it if you see something paranormal.

Rules for Ghosthunting

I say rules loosely here as you can do whatever you want but I’d consider these some common sense guidelines which most of us follow.

Enter Cautiously

Would you just barge into a stranger’s home? Probably not.

The same goes for ghost hunting. Enter quietly and cautiously, and remember that the spirits you are trying to connect with were people once too.

Introduce yourself

Talk to the spirits and let them know you mean no harm and tell them you would very much like to take pictures. Ask them to present themselves to you.

Also, explain your electronic equipment. EMF readers or spirit boxes may be intimidating. Explain that these devices only help them communicate better.

Follow Your Gut

If you enter a particular space and you just feel as if something is wrong or that you are unwanted, leave. Take any feelings like this as a severe warning not to be in that space.

Leave Respectfully

When leaving any place, whether it’s ghost hunting or staying in a hotel, leave the place as you found it. It shows respect for all parties involved, living and dead. If you touch things, make sure they stay in the place they were found.

Don’t cause confusion by moving things around. Be respectful of other people’s things.

Ghost Hunting Equipment to Find Spirits

If you are a novice looking for spirits, you will most likely be starting out small. Some of the things used to hunt ghosts can be expensive. Starting with the essential gear first, you will need:

A Decent Camera

Try to steer clear of your cell phone cameras. Get yourself a decent point and shoot camera. It’s also a good idea to have someone with a camera to take a video because there are often things you can miss.

With some types of ghosts (like ghost orbs for example) you might not see anything with the naked eye but after you look back at the photos you’ll start to see the tell-tale signs.

Voice Recorder

Voice recorders are good for not only recording your comments but for picking up disembodied voices. People often have gone back to listen to audiotape and hear a voice that they did not hear while at the scene.

Electromagnetic Radiation Detector (EMF)

In everyday use, the EMF reader is used by electricians to get readings on equipment and diagnose problems.

When ghost hunting, EMF readers will monitor the electrical current spikes, which means a spirit can be present.  A high electromagnetic field will often correlate with the personal experience of spirit hunting.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods have been used far back in history and by many different cultures. The L-shaped rods are used to find something, typically minerals or water, in the earth.

Any aminate and inanimate object gives off energy, and by using a dowsing rod, you are tapping into that energy. The rods are often used as a way for spirits to communicate as they will move the rods back and forth with their energy.

Infrared Temperature Tracker

This device measures sudden changes in temperature, When the temperature drops suddenly, it is thought to indicate the presence of a spirit.

Spirit Box or EVP Scanner

Electronic Voice Phenomena are sounds that are commonly found while ghost hunting. They have been recorded on devices used intentionally and unintentionally for picking up voices.

Paranormal researchers consider EVP proof of a supernatural presence that can be picked up using a recording device known as a spirit box.

The device is used to sweep radio frequencies, allowing spirits to get their voices heard. You can use them by sweeping AM or FM radio frequencies in the hopes of getting a solid EVP.

Remember This

I hope this article has been of some interest to you and that it sparked your curiosity about ghost hunting.

Remember, if you are trying to find spirits around you, use caution, be respectful and be safe!