Can Babies See Ghosts?

If you’re a new parent, grandparent, or babysitter, you may notice strange behavior in your darling baby. Maybe they are staring at nothing, cooing to an empty corner, or laughing and clapping their hands in an empty room by themselves. These surprisingly common eerie occurrences lead a lot of caretakers to ask: Can babies see ghosts?

Babies and young children can see ghosts and other paranormal entities more easily than adults can for a number of reasons. Babies have no preconceived notion about what they should and should not be seeing, so they are more open to ghostly experiences. 

Can Babies See Things We Cannot?

Babies can indeed see things that we adults cannot, whether it be a deceased family member, imaginary friends, or any other type of spirit.

When it comes to experiences with ghosts, babies and young children are particularly susceptible. Cabinets may open and shut around them, candles can blow themselves out,  or lights can flicker on and off.

Babies will usually react positively to these paranormal oddities, and even look as if they’re communicating with the ghost. So why is it that babies can see what we adults cannot?

Can Babies See Things We CannotA baby’s brain is much more malleable when it comes to experiences, and their extraordinarily open senses can easily take in things that adults may miss.

Once a child reaches two years of age, they can start retaining the doubt and skepticism that their parents or other adults feed into them. When this doubt takes hold is when babies start to become less and less likely to experience ghostly companionship.

This isn’t to say that older children aren’t still capable of seeing otherworldly visitors. A person’s brain isn’t finished developing until their twenties. The younger the mind, the more elastic and open to paranormal experiences it is.

Why Do Babies Stare at Corners?

It can be easy to blow off odd behavior from babies because babies are admittedly quite weird. They are experiencing this whole wide world for the very first time, and everything is brand new to them!

Helping a baby to learn about the world around them is incomparably gratifying, but what do you do when your baby is presenting behavior that you are unsure about? Maybe it’s an opportunity for you to learn about the world from your baby.

Thousands of parents and guardians around the world have reported their babies staring, laughing at, and waving to corners. Why would they do that? A good explanation is that there is something or someone, there that we adults can’t see.

Since little ones are more open to the world in general, they are more likely to notice something in the corner that you can’t perceive. Don’t be alarmed! Babies are curious, and your babe may just be investigating something novel and interesting in the said corner.

If the baby isn’t upset, then their adult doesn’t have to be upset, either.

Can Newborns See Deceased Loved Ones?

Absolutely! If your child is babbling on with nothing or listening intently to the silence, it could be someone in the family that has died coming to visit them. To a new parent, the idea of the dead visiting their precious bundle of joy can be terrifying!

Take a second to consider the situation. Who better to watch over your baby than someone beloved from the family?

In this case, take a cue from your baby’s reaction. If they are giggly and giddy, then the potential spirit they are observing is more than likely a kind soul. In fact, babies tend to attract wholesome and sweet ghosts. Departed loved ones will often visit new babies in the family, to show them love and get a glimpse of the beautiful new addition.

Even if you can’t see this spirit in the corner that your child seems to be playing with, don’t be afraid to welcome them into your home. Most will even leave without a fuss if asked nicely. After all, if the ghost loves your baby, they probably have loved you at one point in your life, too. 

Can Babies Sense Evil?

Babies can pick up on more than great-grandma coming to check up on them. These adorable bouncing bundles of joy are also aware of the other side of the spiritual spectrum, evil. 

Just like a parent should take a cue from a happy, content baby that seems to be seeing a ghost, they should also be hyper-vigilant about making sure that their baby isn’t upset by a source of negative or evil energy trying to force its way in.

Why Can Babies See Ghosts and Spirits?

As adults, we have a bad habit of wanting to look for an alternative explanation for experiences that we can’t explain. Our brains are already hardwired to skim over some things, and completely ignore others.  Subsequently, we are both less likely to believe a paranormal event, and less likely to notice one if it did happen near us.

Adult brains sort out what they consider to be filler, letting all kinds of interesting things slip by us. Adults only notice what is important to them, the rest gets thrown out by our minds as background noise. What extraordinary things have we missed seeing just because our brains didn’t register it as interesting?

Kids are different, especially babies. Their minds are still fully open, ready to take in any ghost sightings or other unexplainable occurrences without any doubt standing in their way. Babies can see the world and all its intricacies clearly, without the preconceived unbelievers bias that most adults have.

The longer you hold off on introducing doubt of the paranormal to your child, the longer they will be able to perceive the world with a completely open and aware mind.

In Conclusion

Babies may not know they’re seeing a ghost, but it’s this sweet innocence that allows them to see what others cannot.

Embrace your baby’s ability to see the unknown, because it won’t last forever.