Robert the Doll Curse: The Worst Haunted Doll?

Robert the Doll Curse

In Fort East Martello Museum, Key West, California kept in a glass casing, resides a boy named Robert, he is 40 inches tall, stuffed with wood wool. Robert reclines in a little wooden chair, holding a ragged dog with an apparent smirk on his face. With his beady little eyes and scars across his face, … Read more

The Ghost Road – A75 Kinmount Straight

A75 Kinmount Straight Ghost Road

This story will be covering what is known as ‘The Most Haunted Road in Scotland’ – The ghost road A75 Kinmount Straight. Peculiar animals, ghostly figures darting out in front of passing cars…and an eyeless man on crutches… What is behind these strange paranormal incidents? Let’s take a closer look… A Paranormal Report This paranormal … Read more

The Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

In this story we will be taking a look at the Hoia Baciu forest circle, also known as the World’s Most Haunted Forest. Ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions and UFO encounters have all been reported in the area… The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest The forest gets its name from a shepherd that disappeared in the area with … Read more

Are There Ghosts in Auschwitz?

Are There Ghosts in Auschwitz

Are there ghosts at Auschwitz? Many have tried to answer this question without coming to a definitive conclusion. Perhaps because of the truly wicked and depraved acts that were perpetrated in the death camps as part of the Nazi’s final solution, a thorough investigation into the paranormal has never been performed. If ghosts linger where … Read more

Ghost Sightings of Abraham Lincoln

Ghost Sightings of Abraham Lincoln

Is Abraham Lincoln’s spirit still moving among us? Yes, say the many who claim to have seen the spectral former president firsthand. From ghost-hunting groups to Prime Ministers, ghost sightings of Abraham Lincoln have been reported by people from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs, which lends a certain measure of credence to their … Read more

The Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts

Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts

Perched high on a hill overlooking the small town of Junee is the imposing Monte Cristo Homestead. Built in the classic Colonial style of the era, it combines functionality with beauty. Now over a hundred and thirty years old this historic building is both famous and notorious. Sadly though it is not its architecture that … Read more

3 Real Haunted Doll Stories

Real Haunted Doll Stories

In this story collection, we will be covering a handful of real haunted doll stories – these little bundles of joy are not the type of bedtime companions you’ll want your kids to snuggle up with… Robert the Possessed Doll Probably the most famous haunted doll of them all – the extremely creepy Robert! If … Read more

Joliet the Haunted Doll

Joliet the Haunted Doll

In this story, we will be taking a look at Joliet the haunted doll – a so-called ‘cursed item’ that has remained in the protection of one family for over four generations… But why does this family keep hold of this demonic item? Let’s take a closer look… Joliet the Doll The doll is currently … Read more

The Case of The Bleeding House

Case of The Bleeding House

On September 8th, 1987, seventy-seven-year-old Minnie Winston got out of her bath and noticed a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. On closer inspection, she realized that this red liquid was also pouring out of the bathroom walls and covering the hallway floor. In a panic, she immediately thought of her elderly husband, Will, and shouted for … Read more

Spring Heeled Jack Sightings

Spring Heeled Jack Sightings

In this story, we will be taking a closer look at the Spring Heeled Jack sightings from 1808 to more recent incidents. What was this entity and what did it want? 1808 The first documented encounter of Spring Heeled Jack came to light in 1808 within the offices of the Sheffield Times. The editor of the newspaper received … Read more